Automatic Dataset Augmentation

An automatically constucted dataset for augmenting ILSVRC-2012 dataset.


AutoDA is constructed to augment existing dataset ILSVRC-2012. The dataset is labeled by both Web and DCNN. Web provides massive images with rich contextual information, while DCNN well-trained on ILSVRC-2012 are used to label these images and filter out noisy images. Meanwhile, the rich contextual information from Web ensures DCNN to achieve high labeling accuracy with relatively low confidence threshold. Together, we can augment the ILSVRC-2012 dataset in a scalable, accurate, and informative way.

The AutoDA dataset contains 12.5 million images crawled from Web without URL or domain restriction. Since AutoDA is built to augment ILSVRC-2012, both datasets share the same 1000 categories. The number of images per category of AutoDA and ILSVRC-2012 is shown in Fig 1. In addition, AutoDA also provides texutal information (relevant textual descriptions accompanied with image in webpage) for each image. With the new dataset, we wish it will help push forward the research in Object Recognition, Image Caption and Visual Question and Answer, also inspire new research directions such as automatic data labeling and dataset compression.

Fig.1 - The image distributions of dataset AutoDA and ILSVRC-2012.

Dataset Downloads

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Below table shows the performance and download link of the models we trained on AutoDA.

DCNN ILSVRC-2012 AutoDA Merged Merged (No dropout)
AlexNet 60.36 (82.38) 56.58 (78.57) 62.71 (83.71) [Model] 61.72 (82.62) [Model]
ResNet-50 74.44 (92.11) 70.17 (88.09) 77.36 (93.29) [Model]

The tools for feature extraction is avaiable [Here]


  • 2018.3.8 - The ResNet-50 model trained on our released dataset have been used in "PaiZhaoGou" Project of